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The artistic training program YOU CAN DANCE program has been in action for more than 12 years thanks to the alliance of Teatro del Lago and Mustakis Foundation.

This access program has had a positive impact on the integral development of children and youth. Participants have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty and depth of the arts, connecting emotionally with others and themselves, acquiring social-emotional skills and abilities that promote integral development and well-being in different dimensions. 

This 2024 is the birth of a new YOU CAN DANCE as a pole of integrated dances with the objective of increasing its impact and reaching more people.


Increase access to meaningful artistic experiences.

By increasing access to the arts we are promoting psychosocial well-being and the development of socioemotional skills.

To strengthen integral development through the performing arts.

We seek to empower people to acquire valuable emotional and social tools to help them face life's challenges in a positive and constructive way.


La participación de niños, niñas y jóvenes en PUEDES BAILAR produce un positivo impacto en su desarrollo integral. 

Esta experiencia única de formación artística a través de la danza creativa, genera crecimiento en lo físico, emocional y cognitivo, sentando las bases para explorar y generar valores y conceptos como la creatividad, la colaboración y la confianza en otros y en sí mismos. Además de ello, fortalece a sus participantes para un futuro de aprendizajes y evolución en diversas dimensiones de sus vidas.


We started to develop this program in 2013, inspired by the German documentary film Rhythm Is It, A Dance Class Can Change Your Life!The program has exceeded the expectations of teachers and participants, motivating them to repeat this experience every year.

Based on the conviction that Art is for Everyonethis 2024 is born a new YOU CAN DANCEis born, as a pole of integrated dances.

Through classical, contemporary and urban dance, we generate meaningful artistic experiences for the community to live the spirit that makes the arts and their values possible, thus allowing them to develop the social-emotional skills necessary to face the challenges of these new times.


This artistic dance training program includes regular sessions for children and young people from March to November: initiation to dance, contemporary dance, urban dance and a Choreographic Laboratory (free of charge) and ballet classes from the age of 13, upon payment of tuition and monthly fees from March to December.


From 13 to 21 years old

Program free of charge

The Choreographic Laboratory, formerly called YOU CAN DANCEis a comprehensive development program that brings together a heterogeneous group of young people eager to get moving through contemporary dance and challenges them to explore their interest and affinity through body expression and choreographic creation.

From March to November, young people of various ages come together in regular sessions, led by a renowned choreographer and the PUEDES BAILAR teaching team, to create and connect through movement exploration and artistic research to culminate their work in a piece that premieres on Teatro del Lago's main stage.

Choreographer in residence: Elias Cohen.

Get moving and be part of this free access program! 

Convocatoria cerrada


Between 3 and 6 years old

Free of charge program

This introductory course is not framed in any specific dance technique or discipline, but rather it is a space for exploration, where girls and boys connect with their bodily capacity through games that develop the expression of their emotions in movement and sensitivity to music.


Desde 7 a 21 años

Program free of charge

Regular classes are held weekly and promote freedom of expression and originality. Students will learn to explore space creatively, connect body and mind, and use movement techniques, including improvisation.n.

These classes offer a diverse and enriching experience that goes beyond traditional conventions, encouraging personal expression and movement.


From 13 to 21 years old

Program free of charge

Regular weekly classes that focus on the creation of choreographic movement sequences to the rhythm of this type of music. 

The classes seek to open a space for personal growth, break paradigms and bring you closer to your "body being" in a genuine way, connecting you with the environment you inhabit.


From 13 years old

Considers payment of annual tuition and monthly fees.

These regular academic technique classes are held weekly at Teatro del Lago and are aimed at young people and adults from the age of 13 with or without previous knowledge. At different levels, participants acquire skills and knowledge ranging from technical and physical to artistic and expressive aspects.




The story revolves around a girl whose actions lead us to think that she is a Collector of Illusions, a special being who stands out for understanding that the magic of life is in the details.

Directed by choreographer Nicolás Berrueta and staged by the outstanding integral designer, Jorge Gallardo M.



The story revolves around a girl whose actions lead us to think that she is a Collector of Illusions, a special being who stands out for understanding that the magic of life is in the details.

Directed by choreographer Nicolás Berrueta and staged by the outstanding integral designer, Jorge Gallardo M.


TIDE 2021

MAREA is a work built around the concept and figure of water. This fundamental element for life, from the territory we inhabit to the inside of our body: it mobilizes us, finds us and moves us.

Work based on an emotional, physical and spatial research by the outstanding Chilean choreographer, Eduardo Zúñiga.


The arts are our tool to transform the world, connecting people from different communities to build a future that delivers infinite possibilities for wellbeing, growth and learning. The integral development program through dance, PUEDES BAILAR, is a clear example of this.

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Mustakis Foundation.

Thanks to a partnership that began with the inauguration of Teatro del Lago in 2010, Fundación Mustakis has contributed to support the excellence and diversity of its season, in the field of dance and circus arts, as well as in educational outreach activities.

Since 2013 it implemented the program PUEDES BAILAR, an instance that sought to find a group identity, based on collaboration and collectivity, focusing on the human relationship in a context of artistic creation, in and through contemporary dance. This 2024 a new PUEDES BAILAR is born, becoming a pole of integrated dances.


Our differentiating element has been the explicit statement of our formative mission from our beginnings to date: the conviction that through access to the arts we can contribute to improving people's quality of life and build a happier and more integrated society.

We carry out various training, access to the arts and improvement programs in order to fulfill our dreams and our essence as a theater.