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Factoría Escénica del Sur.

Creating tools from the south of Chile.

Factoría Escénica del Sur is an initiative that was born in Teatro del Lago with the aim of modernizing the look of the technique, in which the technical and artistic craft are one. With training by national and international actors, we seek to enrich the work from the challenges of the southern zone of Chile, with the aim of inspiring to break barriers, innovate and create. 

This association is joined by Teatro Biobío (Concepción), Teatro Cervantes (Valdivia), Teatro Diego Rivera (Puerto Montt), Asociación de Técnicos Artes, Teatro Educativo de las Artes ( Panguipulli), the Acoustic Engineering Faculty of Universidad Austral de Chile and Teatro del Lago (Frutillar).


Generate tools for the development of innovative performing arts.

We offer training to technicians in the south of Chile and training experiences to students through agreements with educational institutions, with the objective of strengthening technical training in the south of Chile.

To be a decentralized community of stage technicians.

Through trainings with national and international actors, Factoría Escénica del Sur seeks to create a technical collaboration collective in the south of Chile with autonomy in training and development. 

Who is the target audience?


If you are a stage technician, you can be part of the training we offer in our network in the south of Chile.


Technical institutes that want to offer internships to their students in training.


Send us your contact and we will notify you when we have open calls.


Since our inception, the differentiating element has been the explicit statement of our educational mission: the conviction that through education and access to the arts we can contribute to improving the quality of life of people and build a happier and more integrated society.