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Educating the audiences of the future.

Delegaciones de estudiantes de diversas regiones del país tienen la oportunidad de acceder a experiencias de mediación artística que tienen como objetivo acercar las artes escénicas a niños, niñas y jóvenes.

Teatro del Lago's EduVida are experiences of artistic mediation that aim to bring culture and art closer to children and young people.

It seeks to generate a first approach of the students to the different artistic disciplines, through a concert or a dance, music, theater or opera play.

In an interactive way, the artists share their knowledge in a didactic, educational and participatory manner. Students learn together with their peers and teachers, and continue their learning in the classroom through pedagogical guides.


Promote social cohesion.

Open access to the arts is a way to promote social cohesion in communities. For this reason, we worked on an ongoing basis with educational institutions to offer free access to their students to special performances.

Building audiences and audiences in music and the arts.

We seek to move and connect students with the performing arts, creating artistic experiences especially for them.

Deliver a unique and meaningful experience.

EduVida seeks to be a meaningful experience for children and young people, promoting wellbeing.

Who is the target audience?

Children and young people from all over the country can be part of the EduVida program by applying through their educational institutions.


If you are an educational institution and you want to be part of it together with your students, give us your contact information and we will contact you. 

More than a stage,
we are impact through the arts.

At Teatro del Lago, art is our tool to transform the world, connecting people from different communities and building a future that delivers infinite possibilities for growth and learning.

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Since our inception, the differentiating element has been the explicit statement of our educational mission: the conviction that through education and access to the arts we can contribute to improving the quality of life of people and build a happier and more integrated society.