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We like what we do.


Art for all.

When individuals and communities have access to the arts, they are enriched by an environment that fosters cultural diversity and understanding; diminishing cultural gaps; promoting critical thinking, empathy and imagination; fostering creativity as a fundamental skill for human and collective development; and promoting mental health and social well-being.

Achieving access to the arts for all implies eliminating physical and economic barriers, fostering inclusive artistic training and promoting diversity in its creation and promotion. Doing so enriches people's lives and contributes to a more just, resilient, healthy and prosperous society.

Our mission.

To create meaningful artistic experiences and enable thousands and thousands of children and young people to experience the spirit of excellence that makes the arts and the values on which they are founded possible.

What are we looking for
with what we do?

For us, art is our tool to transform the world, connecting people from different communities and building a future of infinite possibilities.

Through meaningful artistic experiences, we seek to inspire creativity, critical thinking and communication, connecting people from different communities and building a more resilient and prosperous world. We join forces with diverse actors to form an artistic and social innovation ecosystem, promoting people's well-being and happiness. At Teatro del Lago, art is our tool to build a future, where creativity and innovation open the way to a world of infinite possibilities.

Más que un escenario, somos impacto por medio de las artes.

Every day more and more of us are convinced of the transformative power of the arts in people and communities.


In 1968, Frutillar's centenary choral tradition was strengthened by the creation of Musical Weeks.

Supported by the Chilean-German Ligax of Santiago, and under the management of Robert Dick, Arturo Junge, Alfredo Daetz and Flora Inostroza, this event gained importance and over the years became one of the main impulses for the projection of a world-class theater in the city of Frutillar.

Inspired by this need, Flora Inostroza - in charge of Semanas Musicales since 1979 - and businessman Guillermo Schiess, together with the Municipality of Frutillar, promoted the construction of a theater on the site of the old city hotel, destroyed by fire in 1996.

Thus, in 2010 this bicentennial work was inaugurated, attracting thousands of artists and audiences from different parts of the country and the world. 


Groundbreaking for the construction of Teatro del Lago


Camping Musical: Teatro del Lago's First Educational Activity


Inauguration of the School of the Arts Teatro del Lago.


Inauguration of the Bicentennial Play Teatro del Lago.

Beginning of outreach presentations by students and professors of the School of the Arts.


Creation of the Teatro del Lago International Academy Orchestra and Choir.


First year of operation Fundación para el Desarrollo Sustentable de Frutillar (PLADES).

Teatro de Lago Ballet School becomes the first in southern Chile to prepare students for the international certification of the Royal Academy of Dance of London (RAD).

Start of the educational program "Puedes Bailar" in alliance with Gabriel and Mary Mustakis Foundation.


Creation of the Teatro del Lago Ensemble.

Creation of the educational program Puedes Cantar in alliance with Fundación Ibáñez Atkinson.

Lyric Campus Master Course and Choral Camping Master Course.


First stage experience of dance students from the Escuela de las Artes together with the Camerata y Coros de Teatro del Lago, in the play Lucía, Orfeo y el Libro Mágico (Lucia, Orpheus and the Magic Book).


III Business Summit of the Pacific Alliance.


UNESCO declares Frutillar Creative City of Music.

Teatro del Lago becomes Fundación Teatro del Lago.


50th Anniversary of Frutillar Musical Weeks.

Creation of the Musical Initiation Choir for children from 4 to 6 years of age, initiates the application of the choral school model at Teatro del Lago.


Premiere of digital platform for Teatro del Lago transmissions and online classes at Escuela de las Artes.

Creation of an Integrated Territorial Program (ITP).

Sessions Teatro del Lago and Zona Maestra are born in digital format.


We are a living theater.

An audience that gives meaning to our existence and that every year grows and strengthens, far beyond national borders, shaping a global community that sings, dances and vibrates around the performing arts.

Through various instances of participation and encounter, the community has become an active part of the work of the Theater.

The community inhabits it and makes it a living organism, which is nourished by its experiences, while also nourishing those who visit it.

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On stage.

Artists are the protagonists par excellence, who take the stage to give life to the most varied expressions of human creativity. Singers, musicians, dancers and actors, each from their own language, inspire and awaken our sensitivity, move and move us through art in its various forms.

Through a varied and innovative range of artistic manifestations ranging from classical to popular, including theatrical, circus and interdisciplinary performances, the artists have contributed to our work of decentralizing through the arts and thus reaching diverse audiences, far from traditional cultural centers.


Creating access to the arts.

Since our beginnings, the differentiating element has been the explicit statement of an educational mission: the conviction that through education and access to the arts we can contribute to improving people's quality of life and build a happier and more integrated society.











We are the only private work of the Bicentennial of Chile. To date, we have received more than 21 awards in recognition of our architecture and cultural contribution.


We are an organization open to all who want to learn about the impact we generate through the arts.