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Forming through the arts.


From our beginnings we established that both artistic training and the promotion of creativity would be a priority in our work. Our first educational activity in 2005, the Musical Camping, was only the beginning of a long trajectory linked to education and the development of culture, which has been reflected in the implementation of various training programs such as PUEDES BAILAR and PUEDES CANTAR, as well as master classes and academies that we offer annually.

Since our origins, the confluence of the artistic with the formative has become an essential part of our identity, achieving a unique synergy in Chile and the world, which closely links the experience of students with that of the artists who perform on our stages. 


We offer training opportunities for students and professional musicians who come to the city of Frutillar, interested in improving their technical and artistic knowledge.
These opportunities are led by the same artists who perform on Teatro del Lago's stages, thus generating a unique training experience for the participants.


Educational sessions taught by prominent artists, who are part of the artistic programming of Teatro del Lago, which aim to provide tools for improvement and training for national and international musicians from the south of Chile.

Orchestra Academies

This project, which brings together musicians and students from all over Latin America under the slogan "musical education of excellence", has brought together performers from 18 countries such as Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil, Honduras, Venezuela, among others.


International Chamber Music Master Course

This initiative seeks to create a new space for artistic training in chamber music, where attendees deepen their studies for a week and receive personalized teaching that transforms this instance into an unforgettable experience, with teachers of great international quality.

Factoría Escénica del Sur

We seek to be a space for collaboration between organizations, theaters and people seeking to strengthen their technical skills and innovate from the south of Chile. This project was born with the objective of being a center for training and improvement in the technical profession.

International Guitar of the Guitar

International Guitar Week, held in partnership with Fundación Guitarra Viva, is the result of a year of promoting the training of this instrument. For a week, participants vibrate and share the passion for this instrument, in addition to learning from great international artists.

access to the performing arts.

Since its inception, Teatro del Lago's differentiating element has been the explicit statement of its educational mission: the conviction that through training and access to the arts we can contribute to improve the quality of life of people and build a happier and more integrated society.
As an artistic foundation we seek to provide access to all those who want the arts and music to be part of their lives. For them we create diverse experiences that ensure access to our venue and allow more people to benefit from the arts.


Student delegations from different regions of the country have the opportunity to attend performances of some of the shows that are part of our artistic and training season. They also have access to special performances, such as EduVida, specially designed to bring children and young people closer to the performing arts and culture.


Based on our commitment to be a theater open to the community, which promotes the integration and formation of audiences and audiences in music and the arts, in our shows, we free seats and perform special free access performances for children, young people and adults from all over Chile so that they can live a unique and unforgettable artistic experience.

Artistic training programs.

We design, implement and evaluate differentiated programs for each target audience, using methodologies to intend, develop and deepen social-emotional competencies through the performing arts. We have a systemic model that addresses our challenges in the short, medium and long term.



This artistic dance training program was created in 2013 by Fundación Teatro del Lago thanks to the support of Fundación Mustakis. 

In 2024, PUEDES BAILAR has become an integrated dance center, with regular sessions of dance initiation, contemporary dance, urban dance, choreographic laboratory (free of charge for children and young people) and ballet classes from the age of 13.



This program, which has been developed since 2013, was created by Teatro del Lago together with the Ibáñez Atkinson Foundation with the objective of strengthening choral groups through the training of directors and teachers of choirs from educational establishments in the south of Chile.


At Teatro del Lago, art is our tool to transform the world, connecting people from different communities and building a future that delivers infinite possibilities for growth and learning.

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