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The Choreographic Laboratory is a program whose objective is to bring together a heterogeneous group of young people who want to move through contemporary and/or urban dance and explore their interest and affinity through choreographic creation. 

From March to November 2024, young people of various ages will meet in regular sessions, led by choreographer-in-residence Elías Cohen and the PUEDES BAILAR teaching team , to create and connect through bodily and artistic exploration and culminate their work in a work that premieres on Teatro del Lago's main stage.

Get moving and be part of this free access program!

Convocatoria cerrada


From 13 to 21 years old

Prior knowledge required

Friday: 16:00-19:30
Saturday: 10:00-14:00

Duration period
March to November 2024

Puyehue Hall, Teatro del Lago

Registrations are open until all places are taken

Program free of charge

Limited space available


Creation and staging of a dance show directed by the outstanding choreographer in residence Elías Cohen. Elias Cohen.

This work will premiere on October 31, 2024as part of the Patagonia FestivalFestival, at Espacio Tronador of Teatro del Lago, and will involve participants of the regular sessions of dance initiation, contemporary dance, urban dance and Choreographic Laboratory. YOU CAN DANCE.



The story revolves around a girl whose actions lead her to be a Collector of Illusionsa special being who stands out for understanding that the magic of life is hidden in the details.

Directed by choreographer Nicolás Berruetaand the staging is in charge of the integral designer, Jorge Gallardo M.


A contemporary dance piece performed by the program participants. YOU CAN DANCEunder the choreographic direction of Gustavo Ramírez Sansano and Eduardo ZúñigaThis work expresses the particularity and richness of each human being, each one seen as a color of his or her own.


TIDE is a work built around the concept and figure of water. This fundamental element for life, which mobilizes, encounters and moves us.

Contemporary dance work based on emotional, physical and spatial research by the Chilean choreographer, Eduardo Zúñiga.



Scenic creator, teacher and interdisciplinary researcher. His works of scenic creation range from theater, dance, contemporary circus, and immersive experiences. 

She studied theater, dance and somatic exploration in Denmark (School of Stage Arts of Denmark), Germany, India and New Zealand.

In Chile, he studied transpersonal psychology (Catholic University) and biology of knowledge (Matriztico Institute), under the direction of Humberto Maturana. In addition, she holds a master's degree in Studies of Theater and Dance from Decolonial Perspectives (University of WaikatoNew Zealand). She received a doctoral scholarship of excellence from the Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand).

He is artistic director of KiM Teatro Danzante (Olmué, Chile). He has been guest choreographer for the Chilean National Ballet (BANCH); guest director from 2018 to date of the prestigious Bolivian company Teatro de los Andes.

He currently directs and researches interdisciplinary creations of immersive character and modes of creation and direction for contemporary circus where the stage direction of the aerial show and fire stand out. Vertigo in 2011 (Berlin, Germany); company Diminutive Circus with the show Arje, a Cotidiano Extraordinario in 2015 (Chile); Technical Love for the company The Blue Tent (Valparaíso, Chile). During 2023 he guided 13 processes of creation of circus numbers (techniques: trapeze, ula, Chinese mastro, multi rope, hoop, acrobatic dance, hair suspension, clown). In December of that same year, he premiered Antes que se Apague, an immersive circus-theater show. His stage works have traveled throughout Europe, Asia and South America.