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Bicentennial Work.


The construction of a dream.

The first of the thousands of stones that would support this great dream was laid on January 27, 1998, on that day the construction of a unique theater in southern Chile began, which would house the musical tradition that characterized Frutillar since its origins.

Twelve years later, on November 6, 2010, Teatro del Lago was inaugurated, the only private work of the Chilean Bicentennial. During these twelve years, every detail of the construction and its materiality was carefully taken care of. We also sought to promote a balance between local participation and global knowledge in the teams of national and international specialists, consultants and builders who worked together in its creation, which significantly enriched their work. 



Initially, the work was carried out by architects Gerardo Köster and Gustavo Greene and then by Amercanda, headed by architect Bernd Haller, who took on the project from the rough construction with the challenge of developing its exterior and interior design and finishes, inspired by the traditional German architecture typical of the region. 

This work of world excellence enjoys one of the best acoustics in Latin America. Kartheinz Müller and lighting designer Clifton Taylor were the architects of this, creating 11,000 square meters of spaces such as Tronador (1,178 seats), Amphitheater Lago Llanquihue (270 seats) and 9 multipurpose rooms.


The different places of the Theater invite to a tour that transmits the language of music in all its corners. Espacio Tronador, the main stage, with an approximate capacity of 1,200 seats and with acoustics and lighting of international excellence; the Llanquihue Lake Amphitheater built on 56 pillars in the waters of the lake or the Osorno Volcano Foyer with its panoramic views of the surrounding nature, are just some of the spaces we offer to meet and be moved by the arts.

Tronador Space

800 acoustic panels, with one of the best acoustics in South America.
Surface area: 1,040 m2.
Maximum capacity: 1,178 seats.

Lake Llanquihue Amphitheater

Surface area: 187 m2.
Maximum capacity: 274 people.

Frutillar Bay

Surface area: 41 m2.
Maximum capacity: 50 people.


Surface area: 250 m2.
Maximum capacity: 100 people.

Osorno Volcano

Surface area: 571 m2.
Maximum capacity: 500 people.


Surface area: 179 m2.
Maximum capacity: 250 people.

Punta Larga

Surface area: 101 m2.
Maximum capacity: 120 people.


Surface area: 200 m2.
Maximum capacity: 250 people.


Surface area: 179 m2.


The arts are our tool to transform the world, connecting people from different communities and building a future that delivers infinite possibilities.

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Get to know everything you can do in one place: discover the architecture and history of this Bicentennial Work through our guided tours; enjoy experimental and creative gastronomy at Fuga del Lago restaurant; find unique objects at Tienda Teatro del Lago and in our boulevard.

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Tuesday to Friday 12:00 and 17:00 hrs.
Saturdaysand Sundays 12:00, 15:00 and 17:00 hrs. 


Find the perfect setting for your event.

Teatro del Lago not only offers great artistic and educational experiences. It is also a space that has managed to position itself as a unique reference for the realization of corporate and social events, whose income allows to support and finance the impact through the arts.