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Teatro del Lago and SLEP Llanquihue sign historic cooperation agreement

The event will have an impact on artistic and educational education for students and teachers of educational establishments in the Los Lagos region.

On Tuesday, June 27 at Teatro del Lago, an agreement was signed between Fundación Teatro del Lago and SLEP Llanquihue, which will strengthen arts education in the public schools of Fresia, Frutillar, Los Muermos, Llanquihue and Puerto Varas and will allow the development of joint projects that implement artistic educational strategies in the community.

For Fundación Teatro del Lago this is a historic agreement, which reinforces our mission to provide girls, boys and young people of our country access to quality arts education.

Gonzalo Larenas, executive director of Fundación Teatro del Lago.

The agreement seeks to establish collaboration between the organizations for the development of joint projects that seek to implement artistic educational strategies in the community, using art as a tool for the integral development of people. The projects will aim to encourage the participation of students and professionals in the educational area, in order to promote learning, creativity and artistic expression at different educational levels. In addition, efforts will be made to train teachers and facilitators trained in the field of the arts.

Establishing this type of agreements with foundations or key actors of the territory is fundamental in the linkage that these new local services must have. Frutillar has many special characteristics, however, I believe that this theater and all the atmosphere that is generated in the commune from it in terms of culture and identity, is part of its heritage. And how important it is that the heritage of this commune is linked to public education.

Daniela Carvacho, Seremi of Education of Los Lagos.

We have a lot of talent in our children. I do not believe that the place where they were born conditions the development of their talents and abilities. I believe that it is we, those responsible for public education, who must provide opportunities for development and how best we can do this is by building bridges with those who have the expertise, talent and knowledge to do so. That is why this collaboration agreement is significant for us.

 Claudia Trujillo, Director of the Local Public Education Service.

Specifically, the beneficiaries of this agreement will be all students belonging to the schools of the Local Public Education Service of Llanquihue, SLEP, who will have access to cultural and artistic events organized by Fundación Teatro del Lago, and will be able to take part in workshops organized by the organizations together, among other activities.

A historic agreement that will allow both institutions to benefit through artistic training and education, impacting the territory and people's lives, with a special focus on the future. 

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