Zona Maestra

A Woman’s heartbeat: Rhythm, Determination and Strength

With Juanita Parra

In this Zona Maestra we learn about the life and experiences of the drummer of the legendary group “Los Jaivas”: Juanita Parra. Her early years, life outside Chile, her relationship with her father, family tradition, personal influences, and other matters of note will all be part of this important session with a Chilean artist.

She serves as an inspiration for anyone training in an artistic discipline who wants to know more about the career of this outstanding figure in the world of music.


Juanita Parra was born into a large community family called Los Jaivas, music was always present in every area of ​​her life. to her best and eternal friend Ximena Cubillos (bassist). In addition, at that same age he formed a musical group with young people from his neighborhood. At the age of 15, he decided to dedicate himself seriously to percussion studies. Gabriel Parra, her father, took her to the CIM Academy in Paris, where Juanita had to interact with students from a professional career and in a class made up of 38 men and two women. After a year and a half of studies, Juanita had to leave the academy for personal reasons, maintaining the record of rehearsing and exercising her instrument. Today he has been the drummer for Los Jaivas for 30 years, a little more than half the life of the historic band.

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