Flute Course

8 years old and up.

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Transverse Flute Course


This course teaches everything related to playing the transverse flute: breathing, posture, technique, work methodology, reading studies, and works of different periods and styles.

Students in this course learn through a curricular plan structured by levels designed for enhancing musical talent and skills.

A student moves up through the course levels as the required competencies are acquired in each one.

Ages: 8 and up.  
Modality: 1 flute class per week + supplementary coursework. 


  • Flute
  • Musical language
  • Choral singing
  • Instrumental group class
  • Orchestra practice (initial audition required)
  • *Dramatic Expression (Optional)

Tuition: CLP 88,000 monthly + enrolment fee.
Enrolment fee: CLP 40,000