Educational Programmes

Educating through music and dance fosters healthy growth, propelling the development of aesthetic sensitivity, a life of emotions and personal development. The School’s teaching staff commands broad artistic experience and teaching skills.


This educational programme seeks to generate a first approach of the students to the different artistic disciplines, through a concert or a dance, music, theater or opera work.

In an interactive way, the artists share their knowledge in a didactic, educational and participatory way. Students learn alongside their peers and teachers, and continue their learning in the classroom through pedagogical guides.

47,625 children and young people have attended the Eduvida programme.

Educational Seats

Based on its commitment to be a theatre open to the community, which promotes the integration and training of audiences and audiences in music and the arts, Teatro del Lago releases seats for students from all over Chile in various shows so that they can live a unique and unforgettable artistic experience.

Since its inauguration in 2010, the Teatro del Lago has delivered more than 58,000 educational seats.

Guided tours

The doors of Teatro del Lago are always open to students from all over the country, so they can learn about its history, its architecture, and even what goes on behind the scenes through guided tours and artistic activities led by the teachers of the Teatro del Lago School of the Arts.

Special Functions

Student delegations have the opportunity to access exclusive presentations of some of the shows that are part of the Theatre’s artistic and educational season.

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At Teatro del Lago we believe in the transformative power of art.
Together we can help unleash the creative potential and promote the comprehensive development of children and young people who want art to be part of their lives.