May 29th

Celebrate Cultural Heritage Day at Teatro
del Lago


Cultural Heritage Day at Teatro del Lago

May 29th.

Teatro del Lago joins this 2022 the great citizen party of Day of Cultural Heritage that is celebrated throughout the country, opening its doors to the community and inviting the public to enjoy of guided tours that will teach you something more about its history, architecture, philosophy and inspiration, this year focused especially on opera. During the tour, the public will be able to enjoy a “living theatre” with short artistic performances by artists from the School of the Arts Theater del Lago.

Those who wish to attend will be able to pick up their tickets the same day 29, directly at the Teatro del Lago ticket office, starting at 9:45 AM (limited seats). The hours of the guided tours will be every hour between 10 AM and 17 PM, making 7 tours in total for a maximum capacity of 50 people each.

The Day of Cultural Heritage in Chile is an instance not only of celebration, but also of citizen reflection on the different dimensions of our cultural heritage. It was established in Chile in 1999, and its purpose  allow the public to know and enjoy the national cultural, historical and architectural heritage. From the year 2001 it is celebrated on the last Sunday of May and over time it has become one of the main cultural activities in the country. That day state sites and buildings such as museums, libraries and other dependencies, as well as private entities throughout the country, voluntarily join and open their doors free of charge to allow their visit and tour. Since its creation, it has become one of the main cultural activities in the country.


At the Teatro del Lago we believe in the transforming power of art.

Together we can unleash the creative potential and promote the integral development of children and young people who want art to be part of their lives.