11 February 2022
20:00 Hrs.

melody of
a trip


Jazz festival


Jazz festival

Raco, melody of a trip


February 11th, 8:00 pm.
Value: $12,000

Mousso is a jazz fusion ensemble made up of women, created in 2016, that explores and incorporates traditional and contemporary elements of African, Afro-descendant and Latin American music on jazz standards and their own compositions. With assembled songs, melodies and rhythms from the world, they resignify our ancestry and mestizo identity.

Mousso, which means woman in the Malinke language, has participated in important national jazz festivals, strongly contributing to the reconnection of jazz with its African and Latin American roots.

It is the first time that they have performed at the Teatro del Lago and they will premiere the material from their new album called RACO and part of their historical repertoire from their first AFRO JAZZ album.


Paulina Villalobos: solo voice.
María José Cabrera: elctric bass.
Luciana García: piano, synthesizer.
Natalia Quintana: dundunes, djembe, congas, choirs and minor percussion.


General admission$12,000

They will obtain a 15% discount, presenting the respective credential through purchase directly at the theater box office.

Elderly People
From the accreditation with identity card, a 15% discount will be made
to elderly people through direct purchase at the Theater ticket office.

Estacionamiento Teatro del Lago

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Público general, (por minuto)$15
Público asistente a espectáculo tarifa fija$1.000

*Tarifa fija, presentando ticket del espectáculo

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