1 JULY | 19 H

Concert Impromptu





Le Concert Impromptu 
& Ensamble Teatro del Lago

1 JULY | 19 H

Tronador Auditorium

*Discounts for students and seniors (at the Theater box office).

This French wind quintet made up of Yves Charpentier (flute), Violaine Dufès (oboe), Jean-Christophe Murer (clarinet), Pierre Fatus (bassoon) and Emilien Drouin (horn), will amaze us with a concert in Tronador Auditorium together with the Teatro del Lago Ensemble.  They will also be carrying out educational activities in conjunction with the School of the Arts and its Instrumental section.

Listening to them is to experience the winds in all their glory!

Le Concert Impromptu

Founded in 1991, Le Concert Impromptu explores an eclectic universe, and develops new forms of scenic writing by creating its own cross-operas.

This wind ensemble takes the ‘risks’ of contemporary creation, challenging the gravities of the classical repertoire by juxtaposing Bach and Zappa, Coltrane and Vivaldi, Villa-Lobos and Jobim. New forms of scenic writing have been developed with the creation of their own cross-operas, sound and light shows where musicians perform and converse with other artistic expressions

Ensamble Teatro del Lago

Since 2014, Teatro del Lago has had a resident ensemble composed of musicians Nicolás Faunes (flute), Tania Donoso (violin) and Pablo Silva (cello).

Throughout these years, the Ensemble has played a crucial role in the educational mission it promotes, becoming a strong link between artists and students.

Its members, in addition to performing works from both classical and popular music on the stages of Teatro del Lago and others, dedicate an important part of their time to the artistic training of children and young people who seek to progress in the musical arts.


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