13 May_19 hrs.


13 May_19 hrs.




Teatro del Lago Ensemble
& Guest Artists

13 May_19 hrs.

Espacio Tronador

*Descuentos para estudiantes y adultos mayores (en boletería del Teatro).

This concert performed by the Teatro del Lago Ensemble (Tania Donoso, violin; Pablo Silva, violoncello; and Nicolás Faunes, flute) along with guest musicians, springs from the influence of the world of theatre on classical music across different nations.

The classical repertoire of this concert will revolve around inspiration gleaned from memorable theatrical works of all times. Before the existence of cinema, music was inspired by the stories of real or imaginary characters, and through its compositions, it took audiences to the worlds of literature and dreams, magically, through both genres combined. 

Teatro del Lago Ensemble

Since 2014, Teatro del Lago has had a resident ensemble composed of musicians Nicolás Faunes (flute), Tania Donoso (violin) and Pablo Silva (cello).

Throughout the years, this Ensemble has played a crucial role in the educational mission it promotes, becoming a strong link between artists and students.

Its members, in addition to performing works from both classical and popular music on the stages of Teatro del Lago and others, dedicate an important part of their time to the artistic training of children and young people who seek to progress in the musical arts.


Obtendrán un 20% de descuento, presentando credencial respectiva a través de compra directa en boletería del Teatro.

Adultos Mayores
A partir de la acreditación con cédula de identidad, se realizará un 20% de descuento a adultos mayores a través de compra directa en boletería del Teatro.


Realiza la compra de tu entrada online directamente en www.teatrodellago.cl.
Para compras de entradas en nuestra boletería: de lunes a domingo de 10 a 18:30 hrs.

Si tienes alguna duda, nos puedes contactar a través de:
[email protected] 
(+56 65) 2422900

El mismo día del concierto, la boletería atenderá hasta las 18:45 hrs.

Haz Tu aporte

Colabora con Fundación Teatro del Lago para impulsar la creatividad e innovación de niños, jóvenes y adultos que participan de nuestra misión educativa.
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