Thanks to the work and support of our collaborative alliances, we can realize our dream of bringing artistic education to different parts of Chile and the world.

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Meaningful partnerships

We are a non-profit foundation that seeks to impact the development of the region through the arts. This is made possible thanks to the support of our collaborative partnerships.

We work in different collaboration formats, formulating strategies that adapt to each company or foundation that wants to join our educational mission.

We build connections and alliances that add value and serve as common ground to raise funds, amplify our work and strengthen the development of our community around education and culture.

Would you like to join us?
Write to us, and we will contact you as soon as possible:
[email protected]



Main partner
Families or companies that maintain a long-term relationship with the Teatro del Lago Foundation through an annual donation. They share our mission and get involved both in the work carried out by the Theatre, the Region and its challenges.

Large companies that make an annual contribution to the Teatro del Lago Foundation, thus linking their brand and mission to ours through a long-term alliance. 

Companies that make a contribution in money or in products needed for the Teatro del Lago Foundation’s operations, which serve as a support or a cost savings for running our institution.

Media partner
Audio-visual communication media, radio, newspapers, and others with a strong national presence that are linked to the Teatro del Lago Foundation and provide support by disseminating the work we carry out nationally and internationally.

Our partners

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