17th January_20 hrs.


17th January_20 hrs.




Compañía Mimirichi

17th January_20 hrs.

Tronador Auditorium

*Descuentos para estudiantes y adultos mayores (en boletería del Teatro).

The Ukrainian pantomime company Mimirichi presents this brand new show designed for any age group, in which they explore the world of paper through the construction of a huge house that is later ‘torn down’ with the help of the audience.

Three clowns engage the audience in a show that combines improvisation, live music and slapstick comedy.

On the stage there is a large white paper that serves as a curtain. The shadows of the three clowns —Andrii Gonsales, Igor Ivashchenko and Anatolii Miroshnik— who make up Mimirichi are visible behind it. Their figures move and can be seen in different sizes; sometimes they are very large, sometimes they are tiny.

Through pantomime and unthinkable acrobatics, the Ukrainians tell several stories that revolve around a macro story: a little man is persecuted by everyone, and when he comes into contact with the outside world, i.e. when he breaks this big paper and shows himself to the audience, he shows himself for what he is: a little dictator, who is delirious, thinks he rules the world, is greedy and becomes a man-spirator who swallows everything, so he inflates himself to great dimensions. But suddenly, the other actors, with the help of the audience, will put him ‘in his place’.

Organised by Teatro a Mil, as part of its 30th Festival anniversary celebration.


Mimirichi is one of the world’s leading clown companies, a laureate and award winner at many international festivals and competitions, including a nomination for Best Entertainment (Paper World show) at the Edinburgh Festival. It has been performed with great success in Europe, Asia and America since 1986.


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