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This is the place where you’ll find the musical maestros and artistic experts in dance and theatre. It is the space where you can dream and let your imagination fly about anything related to the performing arts.

In 2020, outstanding national and international artists brought us knowledge and moved us to action, immersing us in creation through their inspiration to find your own.

These open- access sessions were held using the Zoom platform.

Relive the sessions held with Mourad Merzouki, La Llave Maestra, Daniel Castro, Gigi Caciuleanu, Daniel Muñoz, Laura Farré Rozada, Claudius Rieth, Annie Murath and Técnica Alexander.

“The best thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you”.

BB King.


Relive | 2020

Carlos Osorio and Nancy Vásquez

In the last session of Master Zone of 2020, you will learn to make good use of your body through the Alexander Technique, a method of physical education that seeks to find the natural balance of the body, essential to studying the performing arts and making public presentations. Find out how to use your body and voice with greater ease!

Annie Murath

Actress and singer Annie Murath will connect us to the genre of musical theatre and the different stages of vocal, acting and choreographic training.

Claudius Rieth

The musician and music producer, Claudius Rieth will teach us the tools to record and edit multitracks on a computer at home. Learn how to record anywhere and sound like a pro!

Daniel Castro

The screenwriter of 31 Minutos and the Oscar-winning short film “Historia de un oso” [Bear Story] will teach us the tools to plan, record and edit a self-introduction video at home using a cell phone. Learn how to structure your story in this independent film workshop!

Laura Farré Rozada

Music is closely linked to science. It’s based on pure physics! In this Master Zone session, we will explore the influence of mathematics on music with award-winning pianist and mathematician Laura Farré Rozada.

Gigi Caciuleanu

Romanian-French director, dancer and choreographer Gigi Caciuleanu virtually returns to Chile with a session that blends the inspiration, career and multifaceted world of this artist in the sphere of dance.

If I were a Visual Poet

The outstanding company La Llave Maestra, a benchmark in visual and object theatre, will hold a free workshop to discuss the foundation of its creative work developing poetic and playful shows in a weekly 90-minute session for three weeks.
If you are from 7 to 100 years old, SIGN UP now because space is limited.

From 7 to 13 years of age

14 years and up

Dialogue with the Actor

During this month of celebration in Chile, we want to invite you to participate in a conversation with the outstanding and talented Chilean actor Daniel Muñoz.

Urban Dance

It’s not a conversation, it’s getting moving with Mourad Merzouki.

There are 50 spots available. Don’t miss out on this learning and dancing experience with a great hip hop master.

If you aren’t selected for this session, we will send you the class recording so you can enjoy the education experience with Mourad Merzouki.


We believe in the transformative power of art.
Together we can help unleash the creative potential and promote the comprehensive development of children and young people who want art to be part of their lives.