Your Digital Music.



We invite you to be part of an introductory electro-acoustic music programme, which will encourage your interest in musical creation.

You will learn to use programming and sound editing software (samples).Take a journey with your own sounds that you can mix and collaborate in individual and collective productions where your imagination is the only limit!

Who can participate?

Young musicians between 13 and 25 years of age from the Los Lagos Region.

What is the class format?

Classes are held online and in-person if the public health situation permits it.


Classes start September 25th and will be held every Saturday (according to Edla calendar) with a duration of 60 minutes.


Saturdays from 12:00 noon to 1:00 PM, September to December 2021.

Online and in-person format

Teaching team

Cristian Morales-Ossio, Associate Professor at the Music Institute of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.


This laboratory is an annual programme held online and in-person if the public health situation permits.

In the early sessions you will learn to use available software and hardware tools and how they interact.

Once you have gained some technical autonomy, we will begin the creative part using a workshop format to develop co-created works by recording and saving samples as well as creative manipulation and editing.

The programme will culminate with the final presentation of pieces in different formats: electronic music, electronica with instruments, video-music, music for collaborating with dance and circus shows, and more.


You will learn about musical computer science and how to use sheet music editing programmes managed with a MIDI controller.

In practice, what will you learn by the end of the programme?
You will have created a bank of sounds from acoustic instrumental sources and from nature.

You will have enhanced your collaborative work skills by interacting with other artistic disciplines, creating and interpreting musical compositions for the choreography of contemporary dance courses of the School of the Arts at the Teatro del Lago, for the Frutillar Circus [Circo] programme, and for the final presentation of the You Can Dance [Puedes Bailar] programme.

You will re-visit classical repertoires, giving them an updated, modern touch with effects that can be achieved through the creative use of traditional instruments. You will mix found sound to transform and manipulate extant musical structures.


We believe in the transformative power of art.
Together we can help unleash the creative potential and promote the comprehensive development of children and young people who want art to be part of their lives.