The first year of this open-access programme is made possible thanks to the contribution of the Guitarra Viva Ernesto Quezada Foundation and the School of the Arts of Teatro del Lago. It is designed for children, young people and adults in the Los Lagos Region interested in learning to play this instrument.

Groups by Level
The sessions will include groups separated by training criteria and have instructors experienced in teaching, methodology and interpretive practice. The duration of each session may vary between one hour and 90 minutes, depending on the number of people enrolled and participating.

Enrolment Fee
This programme has no monthly tuition. Students just pay the enrolment fee at the start of the course.

Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM


Mauro Millán

He was trained as a professor of Music at the Universidad de Concepción, graduating with highest honours and obtaining the Universidad de Concepción Award for the student with the best performance of the class. He is professor of Musical Language and the History of Music at the Laurencia Contreras Lema Conservatory of the Universidad de Bío Bío and of Classical Guitar at the Cultural Artistic Centre of Concepción within the Municipality of Concepción. He is currently studying a Master’s programme in Musical Interpretation with a focus on Classical Guitar under the tutelage of maestro Nicolás Emilfork at the Universidad de Chile. He is also working together with the musician, composer and academic of the Universidad de Concepción Rodrigo Álvarez Vidal on the musical creation project “New Chilean repertoire for classical guitar ensemble for children and youths” financed by the Fund for Music.

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