Dance is an art form, a means of expression and interaction.
It is how a body freely expresses itself.

In our Dance School we want to develop your talent and awaken your emotions through movement, technique and passion.
Come turn your body into art through dance!


For those seeking to travel in training path and go in-depth into a particular artistic discipline.

* Option to apply for a scholarship


Created for anyone who wants to develop recreational artistic skills.

*No option to apply for a scholarship

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Rita Rossi

Dance Department Director

Esteban Ortiz

Contemporary Dance Teacher

Eva Aranda

Ballet and Flamenco Teacher

Macarena Bandi

Ballet, Contemporary Dance, and Physical Preparation Teacher

Romina Aspe

Ballet and Physical Fitness Teacher

Javier Moreno

Dramatic Expression Teacher


We believe in the transformative power of art.
Together we can help unleash the creative potential and promote the comprehensive development of children and young people who want art to be part of their lives.