Comet Musicke

Comet Musicke tries to rediscover a contrapuntal repertoire, highlighting the work of certain composers who have gradually been forgotten.



Comet Musicke

Tronador Auditorium

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Comet Musicke will perform repertoire by one of the most renowned composers in the history of Western music and the ‘father of opera’, Claudio Monteverdi, at Teatro del Lago. 

They take us on a journey through the different periods of this famous composer’s life, discovering a new face thanks to the many anecdotes that have survived over time. A fable told in the company of madrigals, songs, opera arias, sacred music and instrumental passages, in broken consort.

Comet Musicke tries to rediscover a contrapuntal repertoire, highlighting the work of certain composers who have been gradually forgotten. 

Inspired by ancient iconography, Comet Musicke interprets diverse repertoires ranging from medieval and renaissance polyphony to the great baroque composers, accompanying the singing with strings and winds, in broken consort. Thus, their singing and storytelling dialogue with violas da gamba and da braccio, violins, violas, cornets, flutes and guitars, tailoring the repertoire to a variety of instrumental settings, creating programmes in a biographical style, where music and poetry coexist, along with a little humour. 


Francisco Mañalich, tenor, viola da gamba and baroque guitar
Marie Favier, mezzo-soprano and percussions
Aude-Marie Piloz, viola da gamba
Cyrille Métivier, violin and cornet
Camille Rancière, baritone, violin, viola da braccio
Sarah Lefeuvre, soprano and recorders

Francisco Mañalich (1984)

Chilean tenor and viola da gamba player, based in France for the last twelve years. He began his studies at the Instituto de Música UC: graduated in singing with Rodrigo del Pozo and also studied musicology for two years, as well as the basic cycle of viola da gamba with Gina Allende. ‘I continued studying these three things in Europe. I studied a master’s degree in music and musicology at the Sorbonne, specialising in medieval and renaissance music, I did a master’s degree in viola da gamba at the Paris Conservatoire and at the same time I continued my studies in singing’, says Mañalich.

Mañalich has recorded some twenty albums and collaborated with a dozen ensembles. In his career as a tenor and player of antique plucked and bowed stringed instruments, he covers a wide range of styles and time periods.

‘I’m lucky to be able to cover different repertoires; it’s true that with my ensemble we do a lot of renaissance music, but with other colleagues I also do medieval music. I do Gregorian chant, medieval and renaissance polyphony, I do a lot of baroque music from the 17th and 18th centuries, but I also sing opera and I often do music from the 19th century and even from the beginning of the 20th century’.

Francisco Mañalich.


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