The Teatro del Lago Foundation not only promotes the dissemination of and contact with music and the arts from the regions and has become a promoter of artistic training, but also helps develop the regional economy and pushes decentralization. Several studies and tools support its impacts on the community and the territory.

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have been trained in the Teatro del Lago School of the Arts.



visit Teatro del Lago annually.


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linked to socio-cultural development in the Creative City Roundtable.

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Financial Statements


SHAERPA 2013 Study

According to a study conducted in 2013 by the Dutch consulting firm Shaerpa, Fundación Teatro del Lago’s programs and courses have reduced the gap between the richest and poorest segments of the community by bringing together people from different social and cultural backgrounds around music, the arts and education.

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The contribution of Fundación Teatro del Lago to regional activity was confirmed in a report conducted by Credit Corp Capital in February 2018. It states that for every dollar invested in direct activities associated with Teatro del Lago, up to USD 5.6 are allocated in other activities of benefit to the region. This ratio is higher than that of other theaters with global reach such as PKA in Finland (USD 2.6) or Salzburg in Austria (USD 1.3). In addition, the average expenditure on products and services outside Teatro del Lago is USD 370 per visit, at the level of other European destinations with a great track record.

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